Sample Funeral Thank You Note

Funeral Thank You Card Samples

Visitation and/or Viewing



Visitation and/or Viewing

Calls from friends


Close Friends and Neighbors

Cars and Services

Condolence Cards

Memorial Mass

Charitable Contribution

Dear Lee,

It was very considerate of you to attend the visitation. I’m sorry that I
didn’t have the chance to talk with and thank you personally.

In most cases, a family member will have met friends at the visitation or will have
personally answered calls and a written acknowledgment is not necessary. If you
have callers (either by telephone or in person) who have not been spoken to, a note
of appreciation can be sent.


It is appropriate to send a short, personal note to clergy to thank them for their spiritual
consolation and assistance. Honorariums and other offerings being sent to a church or
memorial fund will require a separate acknowledgment.

Dear Father Nolan,
Bob and I thank you for your support and consolation during this
difficult time. The funeral service you performed gave inspiration and
comfort to everyone present.
Dear Rev. Sands,
We wish to express our thanks for the truly inspirational service you
Close Friends, Relatives and Neighbors
It is not always necessary to send formal acknowledgments to your close friends,
relatives and neighbors. People who have sent flowers or food or who have helped
you or family members in some special way, however, would appreciate a short note
of thanks.

Dear Judy,
I want to convey my deepest appreciation for the wonderful buffet you
arranged. You have shown us the kindness of a close neighbor and true

Dear Mary,
Everyone agreed that your baked ham was delicious. We can’t thank
you enough for your thoughtfulness — so typical of you! No one knows
how precious true friendship is until they have been through such an

A note should be sent to each pallbearer in appreciation for his/her time and effort.
It is not uncommon to have honorary pallbearers who walk along side of the other
Dear Joe,
Thank you for your assistance as pallbearer. Your presence was a great
comfort for us during our time of sadness. Thank you for being there.
Honorary Pallbearer example

Dear Don,
Thank you again, Don, for your assistance and comfort. Although
you were unable to serve as an active pallbearer, your role of honorary
pallbearer means just as much to us.

Cars and Services
You can thank friends and neighbors who have volunteered their cars, cooking or
other services by sending them a brief note that mentions their courtesy and your

Dear Frank,
We really appreciated your helping hand and support at our home after
the funeral. Your assistance lifted a burden off our minds and hands.

Dear Sue,
Thanks again for loaning us your car for the procession. It was
considerate and thoughtful of you to extend this courtesy.

Condolence Cards

When a condolence greeting card includes a handwritten message, it is appropriate
to send an acknowledgment in response.

Dear Shirley,
It was very thoughtful of you to remember us at this time.
Traditionally, friends and relatives will send flowers at the time of death as a way
of expressing their sympathy. All floral tributes should be carefully recorded as
they are received. You may also receive flowers from a specific group or groups
of people. In such cases you can send a card to the leader, making reference to
others in the group. If individuals are mentioned on the floral card, you can send an
acknowledgment to each person in the group.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bryant,
Thank you for the beautiful bouquet. The flowers created a pleasant
atmosphere, that truly consoled us during the ( visitation or service or
(Club President),
It was very nice of the bridge club to remember Mom at this time.
Thanks for your kindness.

An acknowledgment with a few words written on the inside is sufficient response for
any telegrams you might receive.
Dear Ed and Karen,
Receiving your wire made me feel that much closer to you both. Thank
you for your special sympathies.

Memorial Donations

A card should be sent to people who make a contribution to a charitable or
philanthropic organization in the memory of the deceased.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lester,
Your contribution to the Forgotten Children’s Fund is a fitting
remembrance to Michael’s own charity work. Thank you for such a
special memorial.

Letters of Condolence:
A personal letter of condolence deserves a personal reply. A brief thank you can be
written on your acknowledgments or informal note cards.
Dear Mike,
I want to thank you for your words of comfort when I needed it most.
Friends like you have really helped me through this difficult time.

Dear Mary,
Your letter of condolence was such a source of strength. I wish I could
express myself as well in attempting to thank you for your expression
of sympathy. The knowledge that we have such sympathetic and
understanding friends is of immeasurable value at such a time.
Mass or Spiritual Bouquets
When a Mass or other memorial is offered, it is proper to write a brief note on the inside
of the acknowledgment or note card.

Rick and Mary,
Thank you for remembering Nancy with your memorial Mass at Holy
Trinity Cathedral. I hope to see you there.

Dear John & Mary,
It’s difficult indeed to put our thoughts into words, but we very much
appreciate your kind and helpful words and deeds at a time when these
things mean so much.

Dear John and Mary,
Thanks so much for the flowers! We thought that all the floral offerings
were lovely and that your basket of red roses was especially beautiful.
Again, our thanks for an expression of friendship we shall never forget

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